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Openhearted Rebel

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/there-partnership-between-yourselves-and-ourselves-ron-head

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Today we are happy to point out to you the build-up of the ten-ten portal energy.  Those who are sensitive will already know this.  Still, many insist that nothing is happening.  It is amazing to us that so many are still in denial when there is so much happening about them to confirm what we are telling you.  Yet we understand that, for those who are locked in old reasoning, it will continue to be so for long times to come.

For those who truly are searching for the internal evidence of internal change, a very satisfying confirmation is taking place.  Arguments may be made to change the minds of those who only see third dimensional evidence.  Nothing will unchange the hearts of those whose hearts are changing.  Once one begins to feel and use the energies we talk to you about, it…

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