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[UPDATE 1347 HST: This article was pointed out at RMN as another relevant one. “Russia to liberate the world from US occupation“]

Similar to last week’s Poof article, which reported on the downfall of the cabal finances, this one says that the fed is dead. Other countries are, step-by-step, leaving the fabled “U.S. Federal Reserve Note” for other global reserve currencies. (btw, if you were unaware, the Federal Reserve is not Federal, nor is it in any way associated with the Republic of the United States. Here is a rather neat cartoon video that kind of explains a few things about that: http://youtu.be/ZPWH5TlbloU)

“The dark one’s are on the losing side of this operation but that does not seem to shut their mouths. Like visions in a nightmare, they taunt from the sides on anyone paying attention, they will lie with no regard that they are…

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