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Jesus through John

Your awakening process is moving ahead smoothly just as divinely intended, so do not be upset or disturbed by the mainstream media reports that focus on the pain, suffering, and disasters around the world.  They are happening, but other, much more wonderful things that are not being reported are happening as well. Large numbers of people are finding compassion, forgiveness, and love in their hearts where before they seemed to be weighed down with fear, worry, and even bitterness.  This is a gigantic step forward that many are embracing enthusiastically despite the unsettling mainstream news that is flooding your media.

A major shift has occurred.  Humanity is uncovering within its collective heart energy field the glowing embers of your Father’s Flame of Love, installed there for your protection when you decided to explore the path of individuality and separation.  Those embers are inextinguishable and have been waiting for this moment…

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