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Openhearted Rebel

Geoff West has just completed the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel and the tape is off to Ellen to be transcribed. But since the events are so timely, perhaps I can summarize some of the points that Archangel Michael made with Geoff.

In all cases, Ellen’s transcription is to be preferred to my own rough typing. I’ve tried to be accurate but may have made a few slips.

He reiterated that “the storm [Hurricane Sandy] was not a human creation.”

“It was a natural phenomenon that was very clearly guided and targeted for the removal of negativity, for the clean-up of the people of the planet. … It was very clearly directed, but it was not directed by what you would think of as negative human forces. And please understand that Gaia and her ability to direct enegries is much stronger than any of the humans and…

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