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Karma Yoga Daily

SaLuSa: December 3, 2012

Channelled by Mike Quinsey


Andrew Eardley: SaLuSa reminds us of the importance of Ascension, that it will be an amazing occasion with changes of magnificent proportions taking place throughout the Universe, and that it is God, no less, who has decreed that it will take place at this time. We have every right to be pleased with ourselves after what we have come through, and although we were highly enlightened souls when we took on duality, we are now even more powerful as a result of our experiences.

He says that it is no wonder that we receive accolades and praise, and Beings from all over the Universe are gathering to witness our Ascension. Mother Earth is a beautiful and wonderful soul and is ready to take us forward into the higher dimensions. Nothing can prevent Ascension from taking place and it is surprising to…

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