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Jesus through John

The grand awakening for humanity — in which you reconnect with your full Self, the spiritual Essence that your Father created — draws ever closer.  The sense of deep, intense, all-enveloping Love that you experience at that moment will remove from your memory every remnant of suffering, unacceptability, or unworthiness that you have ever experienced.  The joy of that perfect, divine state of being is beyond wonder, beyond happiness, beyond amazement It just is, and it will embrace you utterly.  You can have no idea of the intensity of your Father’s Love for you until you feel It — as you are destined soon to do.

The struggles and suffering that humanity has been undergoing, since long before the time of your first historical records, are due to end.  A sufficiently large number of you have decided that enough is enough.  It was a free-will choice that the human collective…

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