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NOTE BY NANCY:  Think of the times your heart swells with love for another person, for your pets, for nature…..  Mother/Father God is Love.  When you feel love, you are feeling God within you.  YOU ARE A TEMPLE OF GOD.  You can never be separated from God.  You may have felt separated from God, but that has never been the case.  THERE IS NOWHERE WHERE GOD IS NOT … ALL OF CREATION IS AN EXPRESSION OF GOD.  Therefore, when SaLuSa says religions will end because they have been based on lies, do not be frightened and cling to your beliefs.  Instead, open your minds and hearts and ALLOW THE TRUTH OF GOD INDWELLING YOU TO FILL YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  YOU ARE ASCENDING TO THAT KNOWING.  “Beliefs” are crumbling because they are just that–beliefs = theorizing as to what is true about life.  TRUTH = KNOWING–KNOWING BEYOND ALL POSSIBILITIES OF DOUBT.  THERE…

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