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Jesus through John

Joyful amazement is shortly to engulf you all!  Relax, trust your Father whose only interest is your eternal happiness, because when you are happy you add immeasurably to His happiness.  Those of you who are thinking: “I’m not happy, so is God unhappy?” just have not understood that their unhappiness is part of the illusion, it is unreal, and so of course God remains happy.  He is always happy. When you awaken, as you will, you will discover that you are indeed happy and always have been, but at present that is a very hard concept for you to grasp.

The suffering, the pain, and the unhappiness that you are experiencing is part of these depressing games that you have been playing.  You have dressed yourselves up in costumes (bodies) that are completely appropriate for the dramatizations that you chose to direct and act in, and you really are excellent…

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