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In the context of 21 December being the date of ascension, or the ‘event,’ Sheldan Nidle’s messages never made much sense to me. He never really did speak to that date, rather always keeping the focus on governmental and financial system changes. ‘This is entirely irrelevant!’ I would say to myself. ‘How does any of this matter if we are to ascend‽’ That, and I was up to my ears in ‘soons’ on Sheldan’s account…

…but soon can (and in all likelihood does) mean SOON; Suddenly Out Of Nowhere…

Henceforth, SOON shall refer to the above.

This communique generously shared by all parties involved, seems to be the first tangible instance of that SOON in a very long time. SOON, Heather, Bradda Kauila, American Kabuki, and Brian finally broke what has been a very long silence. Especially Heather. My is it nice to hear your voice, dear sista…

SOON readers all across the globe have been clued into much of what has been going on behind the scenes on behalf of all humanity; much to the behest of the now officially foreclosed upon old paradigm cabal. SOON lightworkers all across the planet can taste just how close we are to victory, adding their own premonitions of zero-point/ point-zero to those intuited herein by American Kabuki.

I could go on and on about how much SOON we are about to experience in each moment of now…but I sense you get the idea…

I now read Sheldan with new eyes…

What’s still puzzling to me is…where do these strangely-named winter storms fit into the picture? Draco (obvious,) Euclid (Greek mathematician who defined geometry for over 2000 years,) and now Freyr (Norsk god of fertility!‽‽ !)

In all my time living in the snowiest part of the United States, not once do I remember winter storms being named– and certainly not DRACO! Is this some sort of final symbolic show of what little power the old cabal has left? Who names these storms, and why are they named after a constellation which is said to be the origin of our planet’s former reptilian overlords? Perhaps I’ve answered my own question. All of this is fascinating at the very least, and I would imagine intricately connected to their imminent removal from power.

I don’t usually have much to add to the conversation, but this whole series of developments warrants jubilation far and wide…

2013 is our year. I can feel it. Mahalo nui to all involved on our behalf. I’m fully in when I’m needed– but I imagine that’s already known.

Aloha e from fourteen inches of snow and counting…

Kauilapele's Blog

american_kabuki_logo_wide5AK has posted this article tonight about, yes, the Poof interview. But even more than that, he discusses the background story about the recent emails we both started receiving from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf of People’s Trust.

This also gives some insight into what AK has been going through and what he has been facing as a result of posting some of what he has posted.

I’m just going to post the first part of the article and link here, and you can read all the emails at his site.


The Complete Background Story of Why the POOF Video Went Away Temporarily
by American Kabuki, 12-28-12

I thought I’d share the emails I received after Christmas. Kauilapele actually saw these before I did. They were addressed to both of us. I was up late on Christmas and slept in until 11 AM the following day. Its not uncommon for…

View original post 681 more words


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