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poofness_matura_font_blue52Well, it’s possible this Poof could be his last, because there’s no mention of consultations at the end. That’s my intel, not necessarily anything 100% about it. Remember, U.S. President Inauguration tomorrow, and may be fleets of Galactic Ships will show, or maybe John Boehner will give the inaugural address (the interim address, that is, as some intel says he’s the interim pres…), or maybe it’s all a big show for the masses, or a contest to see if anyone can beat out Aretha Franklin’s inaugural hat!!

Anyway, this should be fun. And I’m not into the “taking all seriously” paradigm. So, like Poof says, ‘Yo…have fun with it’.


  • There is something brand spanking new, in action behind all the internet chatter.
  • Bankers are in trouble, not all, but some.
  • Things have gone into action, some folks are grinning, with all their teeth…even folks with gaps.
  • Now…

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