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The New World - Returning To Love


The “In Between” and Beyond: Abundance

As we have been DOing and connecting to Gold and Silver a transformation has been occurring…. clearly. I personally feel the huge transformation in the collective and on this planet. So as we are in this transition , what do we do in the meantime with this 3D perspective around abundance still moving around? We DO the same thing we are DOing with Gold and Silver, to this 3D money. Some of us feel that our vibration is no longer a match to this Money and how it is used… we are more a match to ABUNDANCE, WHICH IS LOVE WHICH IS US WHICH IS GOLD SILVER..

.WE ARE ALL ONE. ..Some are working on shifting their vibration to the state of being of Abundance and still feel connected to this 3D reality of Money. We have the power to transform it, change its…

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