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When I requested some assistance last week, I had no idea what the response would be. Well, I received so many gifts, music orders, etc., that I am not only able to deal with this months expenses, but next month’s as well, with some left over.

The Love which you shared with me is astounding. And very welcome in my Heart. Thank you all… Thank you, Thank you, Mahalo!!!

Speaking of “some left over”, part of that “some” portion of your gifts was shared with a couple of Lightworkers here in Kona, who are on that “$-edge” from time to time, and needed some assistance. They would certainly send their “Mahalo” (Thank You) to you as well.

As a gift to you all (everyone), I want to share this set of MP3s of one of my CDs, Manu. It’s one of my favorite CDs to listen to at home…

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