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The New World - Returning To Love

Trust and the Eternal Heart

I am feeling moved to speak about trusting and not trusting. I have encountered comments such as “I wouldn’t trust the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light)”, “you can’t trust ths Ascended Masters”,” don’t trust the immortals”, etc.
It can’t be possible we are the only well intentioned beings in the universe. It can’t be possible that we are the only beings seeking to align with the Source energy that we truly are. My concern is that we lump beings together in groups or categories and hold ourselves apart in an energy of mistrust. The energy of not trusting is a vibration of separation.

We are being called to the practice of moving into our own Eternal Heart and to relate to others from their Eternal Hearts. Everyone has an Eternal Heart. That’s the place that we can trust. In that place we can receive data, we…

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