Distillation of BE’ing; moving beyond concept-itis


Distillation of BE’ing; moving beyond concept-itis

I haven’t felt compelled to write in quite some time, and I’ve found that it always seemed my writing was in relation to one form of anticipation or another; disclosure, mass arrests, accessing our value, the fall of the Federal Reserve banking system… and every other anticipatory fuel we are all so familiar with burning out to the point of exhaustion in these times. Anticipation was like a stimulant drug. It was deeply enthralling in the moment… but always left me high, dry, and disappointed, without fail.

Do you still drink the tap water, knowing full well of its absolute and undeniable toxicity? Energetically, becoming entangled in anticipation is very similar to drinking tap water, which without question clouds our perception and state of well-being. In anticipation, or the attachment to the concept of a future unfoldment, the purity and tranquility of our BE’ing is obscured by what we might refer to as an ‘energetic mineral buildup.’

With this or that concept of this or that event, unfoldment, dissolution, revolution, revaluation, and so on… happening on this or that date… [OR no later than this or that date!]… We embark on the slippery slope of anticipation, and subsequent disappointment. The ride down offers us just enough momentum to crest the next peak of anticipation, but not enough to grasp that dangling carrot hanging just a little too high.

As my friend kauilapele so eloquently stated in a recent post...

“Do any of those ‘dates of (so-called) importance’ have anything to do with how I Live and Be and Do, in this particular now moment?????”

My answer is, “NO”.

What a thing all this “date” stuff is… To me, it’s often seeming like a grand “setup” to give the opportunity to feel disappointed. Or upset. Or P’Oed.”

Let’s look at that word; dis-appointment….

We’ve made an appointment with a particular concept and or unfoldment to show up on [this] day at [this] time in [this] way… And it just keeps on canceling on us!

Were this concept a friend, it would be one hell of a flake. How long till we stop trying to make plans with this flaky friend? Yet, here we are… riding on the every anticipatory word of a channeled message, blog post, news report, telephone call, Skype chat, or the like….

Meanwhile, days, weeks, and years of our lives are passing us by, and nothing – at least on the surface – has changed. Though I do believe much is bubbling just beneath the surface, it’s no excuse to forgo the only place of absolute power and creation we ever have–and will ever have; this now moment. Anticipation very clearly takes us out of that.

So, how do we filter out or move beyond this ‘energetic mineral buildup’ of anticipation…?

How are unwanted toxins removed from water? By distillation. If we are able to distill everything down to its simplest form, we are able to experience a clarity not otherwise perceived. If we can distill out what my friend Howard refers to as the concept -itis, which, in itself is a deeply debilitating dis-ease, all that remains is who we BE.

Concepts are toys of duality, and nothing more. We can pick them up… Play with them for a little bit… Learn the ins and outs of how they work… And put them down, taking with us the memory of what we have learned. Beyond that, they only serve to weigh us down.

Now ask yourself how many concepts you are carrying with you at this moment. Imagine if each of those concepts were a particular possession you’ve acquired throughout the course of your life. Do you really want to be schlepping all of your possessions around at once?

I tend to go on and on and write long posts… So I’m going to do something different, and leave this open ended; to be added to as more of this clarity I’m experiencing wants to be put into words. I don’t know how long it will be with me, and I want to keep it fresh… So we’ll leave it here for now… Your comments and perceptions are most welcome. I feel this is a discussion that is long overdue.

A wise woman I know has distilled our purpose on this planet into the simplest of words; BE, and from that BE’ing, DO what you BE.

That’s good enough for me.




3 comments on “Distillation of BE’ing; moving beyond concept-itis

  1. This is perfect. Describes the energy of now. I esp. like your plan to “keep it fresh” as new “nows” show up. Thank you.

  2. Well put Aaron. It captures the ‘essence; of what I’ve been railing in my posts about with the data junkies, and those waiting for funds, changes, and erstwise ‘new golden age’ or ascension or whatever.
    You state it much more succinctly. I like the visuals.

  3. Very well said Aaron, it is exactly what it is. Lets not drown our beings in what could be, rather, than what we Be, very well written!

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