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Are you FEELING the inner rumblings of a deeper purpose in life?


Dear Friends,

this is me BE’ing me, and DO’ing what i DO best. Call or message to book a session by phone this week! I’m SO COMPLETELY STOKED to offer this to the world…

Rates are $111 for one hour, or 90 minutes for $144

Are you FEELING the inner rumblings of a deeper purpose in life, or are you feeling life to be a constant struggle? Honestly, they’re probably the same thing, and you are NOT ALONE!

My sole mission on this planet is to help you remember who you BE

The good news is you already ARE who you BE…so if we can sort through all who you are NOT, the peace you’ve always KNOWN to BE within…will be your experience in every moment.

If this sounds complicated, it isn’t. It is a very natural process, entirely fueled by inner KNOWING, even when our mind isn’t able to comprehend what is happening.

If we can trust that our HEART already KNOWS this love…already KNOWS this PEACE…it becomes easier and easier to reconcile all who we are not, so that all that is left is who we ARE.

All that’s left in the end is the LOVE that we are; and it is from that place that we may create our reality without attachment, in full KNOWING that we are in complete alignment with the source of all creation.

…And that’s when it gets really FUN!

If these words from my heart have resonated with you today, and you KNOW– or at least sense–that I may act as a clear mirror to your BE’ing, I would love to hear from you!

My name is aaron, I am you, and you are me. In the wholeness of creation, we are ONE. Let’s see if together, we can’t shed some layers of who you’re not, and allow the beautiful BE’ing that you are to shine through ever-brightly!

Remember, there is nothing I know that you don’t already know. There is nothing I can teach you. I can only hold the space for you to see you. And I feel it is the greatest gift I can offer to this world.

It’s all about BE’ing. All arises from BE’ing

BE well.


JoyfuLiving | Pittsford, New York/ Kailua, Hawai‘i / Everywhere!


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