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There is NO Separation; We Already ARE EVERYTHING We Desire To Experience


I am you and you are me; ALL ARE LOVE(D) and ALL ARE ONE. There is NO separation.

Surely you’ve heard this statement before…but have you ever stopped to consider just how ABSOLUTELY true it really is? It is my humble supposition that unequivocal KNOWING of this most elemental and eternal divine truth is what makes the difference between us creating what it is we desire to experience, or creating its absolute opposite; that of course being all that we do not desire to experience. More of the same, as it were…

I’ve recently come to the realization that simply playing with the law of attraction does not alone provide enough momentum to manifest what it is we desire to experience– not if we continue to remain at a distance, poking and prodding, yet never genuinely engaging our infinite god-given power of limitless creation. Allow me to elaborate on what I mean by ‘remaining at a distance…’

If even one micrometric iota of our being believes that anyONE or ANYTHING is separate from ourselves, and that we are separate from anyONE or ANYTHING, we have completely overlooked our irrefutably and irrevocably eternal origin and connection to the greatest infinite power source in all of creation: that which we ARE, have ALWAYS been, and will ALWAYS BE; that of course being the oneness of all creation, prime creator, god, divine unconditional love– or any label you so choose to place upon the ultimately unlabel-able. [Personally, I prefer divine unconditional love.]

It’s as if we’re plugged into the outlet, but the light switch is off…and the switch is on our power cord…

What I’ve realized is that it’s not enough to simply desire any given experience. True and instant manifestation comes only when we return to the remembrance that we already ARE the experience; that there is NO separation between us and that which we desire to bring into manifestation– whether it be a person, place, thing, activity, optimal wellness, peace on earth, ascended planet, or otherwise…

If we want to be with someone, or be somewhere, or feel the joy that we are, we aren’t going to manifest it by believing it to be outside of ourselves…somewhere off in the ‘future.’ That’s the secret. If we truly desire to experience said person or place, to experience our eternal joy, it is only in KNOWING that, in the ONENESS of ALL CREATION, we ARE ALREADY EVERYTHING AND everyONE, that we may effortlessly bring it into manifestation.

The same is true for money, and abundance of any form. The longer we see money and abundance as something ‘out there,’ outside of ourselves, the longer we continue to keep it at a distance– always just out of reach of our desperate grasp. Again, it is only in realizing that we ARE the value, that we ARE the abundance, and that there is NO separation, that we may truly align with our divinely ordained infinite creative power source; that of infinite unconditional love, the source of all that IS.

We must be absolutely and astutely resolute in our creation, from the most rudimentary level of our every thought. If we are not, we are sending mixed signals out into the universe [the one-song of creation]…and so it patiently waits to respond until we’ve settled down and made up our mind. What this means is that unless we’re playing with the irrefutable irrevocable truth that there is no separation, a part of us– if even but a small part– is preventing us from experiencing all the wonders of the universe that lay just on the other side of our own self-created and self-imposed illusion of separation.

I encourage you to not even become what it is that you desire to experience– but rather KNOW that you already ARE EVERYTHING as such. In the ONENESS of all creation, everything IS everything. KNOWING this, form the very deepest level of the essence of our being, why then in our right mind [as opposed to left!] would we ever continue to make it so unnecessarily complex by denying ourselves that which we are?

…such has been the duality of the illusion of separation.

It is now time for us to coalesce back to that which we have always been; time to delete the old programming which has kept us in our place for so long. You are me and I am you; ALL ARE LOVE(D) and ALL ARE ONE. There is NO Separation.

Play with it…and please, by all means, share your stories, realizations, and inspirations in the comments. We’re all in this together, so lets lift one another up, in-joy and loving service.



Ascend in LOVE as ONE with Earth!


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